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To hear about new issues, launches and other events, send an email to with the word “Subscribe” in the subject line. Or join our Facebook group.

Media inquiries can be directed to Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Carey Toane by emailing

All poems are copyright of their respective authors, and may not be reproduced without permission.

TPV does not currently accept unsolicited contributor submissions.


  TPV is online « Toronto Poetry Vendors wrote @

[…] this is the place to find a poetry vending machine, come out to an event, check out the issues, and contact us. […]

  Patrick Boake (@netscr1be) wrote @

A picture of your machine at Ezra’s Pound was posted on Google+ which drew some positive comment and one question which I will not characterise (if you have nothing good to say …).

What kind of license are the poems published under?

I will limit my own questions, which are in more of a journalistic vein, to a few for now.

How much does it cost (and how long does it take) to get one of these machines up and running?

Are you accepting orders for them?

Do the poets compensated financially?

Is the poetic irony inherent in using prosaic commercial devices to deliver art intentional?

I’ll stop now but it’d be cool to do an indie journalism piece on this for publication via social media.

  torontopoetryvendors wrote @

Hi Patrick, Please send us an email at and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.


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