Toronto Poetry Vendors

(in)dispensable poetry

About TPV

Toronto Poetry Vendors is a mechanical poetry journal which operates out of refurbished gum vending machines. Produced twice yearly, issues consist of 10 single, hand-folded broadsides by 10 Toronto-based poets, which can be purchased from the machines for a toonie.

TPV was founded in 2010 by Toronto poets and girls-about-town Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Carey Toane. You can reach Carey at torontopoetryvendors [at] gmail [dot] com.


  Vending Machine Poetry « Hannah Tinti wrote @

[…] bought a poem out of a vending machine. A very cool vending machine operated by Toronto Poetry Vendors. The poem came wrapped up like a box of cigarettes. I’d heard about someone doing this with […]

  rolliwrites wrote @

Wonderful idea. I wish I’d thought of it!

  torontopoetryvendors wrote @

Rolli: Feel free to steal it!

  April is National Poetry Month | Nico Mara-McKay wrote @

[…] you’re in Toronto, also check out Toronto Poetry Vendors, vending machines which issue brief poetry collections for a toonie — such a neat […]

  Mona Lisa Smile wrote @

[…] or creative merit even today. If you follow the instructions on a poetry vending machine in Canada or at the Taipei poetry festival and key in a few words on a whim, can the best poem in […]

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