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So long, and thanks for all the Double Bubble

After five issues in four years, Toronto Poetry Vendors is closing up shop. Starting up this project was the most fun I’ve had in poetry, and I loved how it consistently delighted people. Thank you to all our contributors and hosts and especially to my poetry partner-in-crime Elisabeth de Mariaffi, for your words, time, and energy. Big love to Karri for renting cars and hauling machines to and from more than one festival. Thanks also to all the friends and fans who supported the project by writing about it, visiting it, and trading in their toonies for poetry.

Those of you in search of serendipitous vending machine literature in our fair town can find reincarnated TPV machines at Story Planet on Bloor Street West, home to our former travelling machine, and the Editorial Youth Advisory Group of the Toronto Public Library has adopted one of our wall-mounted machines. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

BTW, Double Bubble is awful. Don’t eat that stuff. Trust me.

Yours in mechanical poetry vending,


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