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Holiday parties and podcasts

The holidays are a time for looking back (among other things), and our spot on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers gave TPV the chance to look all the way back to our launch at the beloved and now-defunct This Ain’t the Rosedale Library book store nonpareil in Kensington Market. It was that day in April 2010 that TNC contributor Linda Besner (thanks, Linda!) popped in and asked us some stuff about the project. Now, after months of agonizing suspense (and weekly lurking on the TNC site) you can hear what we had to say (spoiler: I sneak the words “condoms” and “tampons” in there). Bonus: Toronto poet and author Alison Pick is featured on the same podcast.

In other poetry vending news, TPV was in the house last Tuesday when Jason Collett kicked off his fourth-annual Basement Revue at the Dakota Tavern on Ossington. We now have crushes on all the performers that graced the stage, from Collett himself to Julie Fader and Guelph’s Jesse Bell Smith to the all-male literary lineuppers Pasha Malla, David O’Meara, and Ken Babstock. The weekly guests are kept under wrapping paper until the event starts, so we’re looking forward to going back next week to see who’s on the bill.